Spray Finishing

I can spray finish most small and medium sized projects in my spray booth and large projects on-site if necessary. 


I almost exclusively work with water based finishes from Target Coatings.  These finishes are healthier for me, you, your family and the environment.  They are also extremely durable and there is a finish for each situation whether interior or exterior, trim mouldings or high end furniture.

From $239

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Small Business Consulting

Overwhelmed with all the many details of owning and operating a small business?  Wish there was someone you could talk to and bounce ideas off of that isn’t Google or ChatGPT?


I have 30+ years of experience running a small business.  I can’t promise that I have all the answers, but I can guarantee that I can help you understand the business side of your business better and help you streamline tasks so that you can spend more time building or crafting the stuff you love and less time scratching your head in the office.

$49 for one-hour in person consultation

Why Choose SethBCraftsman

I’m dedicated to giving you the best quality service and experience to insure your satisfaction. 


I’m willing to take the time with you to insure you understand all aspects of the project.

30+ Years Experience

Customer Satisfaction

Fast Response to Emails

Dedicated Support